8 top business leaders on the habits they want to cultivate in 2023

As 2022 draws to a close, top business leaders are making plans for the year ahead.

You might be too. For anyone looking for inspiration, CNBC Make It asked leaders across industries what habits they want to cultivate in 2023.

This is what they say.


David Schwarzbach, Chief Financial Officer

“Working from home means sitting more than in the office where meetings and lunches keep me moving. Without those moments, it becomes harder to keep my focus throughout the day. Although I’m not usually one to make New Year’s resolutions, I’ve realized that I need to set aside time each day to get out of the chair to reboot. I’ve found that taking a few minutes after lunch to weed the garden or walk the dog is the perfect antidote to Zoom fatigue.”

Dell Technologies

Jen Felch, Chief Digital Officer and CIO

“Going into 2023, I’m focused on cultivating the habit of asking better questions. Our innovation and solutions are driven by how well we understand the opportunities in front of us. The right questions have the potential to bring out the context that can help us create something beautiful than usual. Digital transformation doesn’t just happen — people make it happen! The more those people know about what and why the problem they’re solving or who they’re solving it for, the more opportunities we have to delight .”


Naomi Without Wheels, Global Head of Customer Success

“Burnout is often on everyone’s mind at the end of the year, especially when we think about all we accomplished and how hard we worked. As leaders, we often act first to reduce burnout in our teams — and try to convince ourselves and our employees that we are invincible. In 2023, I resolve to tackle my own executive burnout, and become more authentic about it. I give myself grace and permission to burn out and meet my needs.

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I need to make sure I am the best version of myself, because that leader will achieve the best results for his team, company and customers. Our Square sellers probably understand executive burnout better than anyone, as entrepreneurs who often wear many hats in their business and can’t take many days off.

Next year, I’m more thoughtful about the time I’m going to take and map it out ahead of time now. I also lean into my morning routine – time for myself, my family, movement and prayer – so that I’m ready for whatever the universe throws at me on any given day.”


Esi Eggleston Bracey, President of Unilever US and CEO of Personal Care, Unilever North America

“For 2023, I have set several goals as part of my wellness action plan for myself and my team:

1. ‘Say No’ List:

I’m a yes person and love to give my time to people and projects, but I know that by saying ‘yes’ to too many things, I take energy and time away from other priorities. My goal is to say ‘no’ to five questions a week and add more energy to the most important things in my professional and personal life.

2. Write a journal:

I carefully plan the future for the business I lead, and I want to put the same kind of intention into my personal life. I will commit one hour a week to journaling and creating dreams for the future.

3. Meditation:

I meditate but I’m inconsistent, mostly doing it reactively when I feel stressed. In 2023, I commit to meditating 10 minutes a day, five days a week.

4. Build energy for my team:

It’s been another long year and the world opening up again is wonderful and exciting. We ended the year with an energy week that included structured activities with the theme ‘Focus on Me,’ ‘Focus on Us,’ ‘Focus on Community.’ In 2023, we plan to do a few more weeks where we pause to reflect and re-prioritize, building energy as we move forward.”

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HP Inc.

Savi Baveja, Chief Strategy & Incubation Officer

“It will be a priority next year to help my team unleash their entrepreneurial spirit. In 2023, it will be important to adopt a more people-centric approach to innovation — building our ‘rebel community’ where incubation and thinking outside the box. is part of the way we work every day.

Some strategies that I see as important for doing this are:

  • Foster inclusive incubation: Instead of segregating incubation in boxes on an org chart, provide incubation tools and services for each part of the company, to help overcome inertia and foster open innovation.
  • Give the team confidence to take chances: It’s important to have a culture where you know it’s safe to take risks and try new things, which fosters true entrepreneurship.
  • Build an innovation community: In addition to exchanging ideas and sharing learning across businesses, we need to encourage mentoring and sponsorship for intrapreneurial employees.

In HP and beyond, I’ve seen how encouraging employee intrapreneurial efforts can help people unlock the joyful and creative experiences they most desire in their careers.

Ultimately, entrepreneurial workers have the passion to make the ‘new’ happen, overcome obstacles, and inspire true innovation around them.”


Sarah FriarCEO

“In 2023 there are some important habits I will cultivate to help me and the Nextdoor team succeed. First, I will live and work with a purpose — find a space where I can work on what I’m good at, what I do. I’m passionate , and what the world needs. At Nextdoor, the goal is to foster a friendlier world where everyone has a neighborhood they can count on. This year will bring challenges for many people who are dealing with the recession. Our team has an opportunity to make an impact to communities around the world by enabling people to discover nearby opportunities, earn and save money, make new connections and offer assistance in the neighborhood.We can also help local businesses connect with customers in a unique and hyperlocal way.

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Second, I will continue to lead with empathy and transparency at the forefront. Meeting neighbors in real life helps me understand their needs and wants. And by communicating openly and honestly with our organization, I can best lead through the uncertainty that 2023 will inevitably bring.”


Cameron AdamsCo-Founder & Chief Product Officer

“In 2023 I want to read more books. It’s a habit that has disappeared as my days have become fuller (work and family), but it’s always inspiring to read other people’s thoughts. Novels help me to be creatively inspired and dreaming up new ideas; non-fiction inspires me to build better businesses and help others at work.

Plus I also want to get back to writing more. It was one of the first ways I started exploring my area of ​​expertise, started discussions with others, and – perhaps most importantly – built a great network of like-minded people who gave me opportunities in creative technology and entrepreneurship, so it’s always worth the time investment. “


Susan Daimler, President

“Constraints force creativity and focus. That’s why in times like this — with limited budgets and resources and for us, an uncertain housing market — I’m so excited about the work. I want our team to always ask themselves, ‘Am I work things that can really move the needle and think of new ways and approaches to get work done?’ Because, as we head towards 2023, we have ambitious goals, a bold vision to digitize real estate transactions and these are the moments where inspired solutions often emerge.”

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