Amy Robach leaves NYC after another alleged T.J. Holmes affair

He goes out of his mind.

Amy Robach was spotted arriving at JFK Airport on Tuesday after arriving on a flight from New York City when she was reportedly blindsided by another episode of TJ Holmes.

The ABC News reporter, 49, was photographed wearing a pouty face as she smiled at the paparazzi as she entered the airport.

Amy Robach outside JFK Airport in New York.
Amy Robach has been spotted leaving New York City as more allegations of indiscretions surface from her boyfriend TJ

At the time, she was wearing a light blue carry-on suitcase while wearing black leggings, a hoodie, boots and a tan coat with her hair pulled back.

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Earlier this week, a source claimed to US Sun that Robach felt like a “community loss” because of “the scope of TJ’s alleged past office romances.”

Amy Robach at JFK Airport.
Robach smiled for the camera while walking around the airport.

Holmes, who allegedly had a months-long affair with current girlfriend Robach, was accused of having other romances at the office while married.

The ABC news anchor allegedly cheated on his estranged wife Marlee Feibig in 2016 with a “Good Morning America” ​​producer named Natasha Singh.

Page Six previously reported that the couple would meet up for romps during their tour.

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“Amy was the person they went to talk to about their relationship and marriage,” an insider also claimed at the time, but another disputed that Robach “didn’t know about the relationship until it was over.” was in the final round. They finally told her about it.”

Amy Robach and TJ Holmes on the red carpet.
Robach was reportedly “blindsided” by the Holmes scandal.
Getty Images

Most recently, Holmes was accused of having a sexual relationship with an intern, Jasmine Pettaway, who was 13 years his junior in 2015.

“He was a predator who took full advantage of his position, and he was reckless,” an insider said of the disgraced journalist.

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“It was Jasmine’s first TV job, and it was a big deal for her. She was looking for a mentor, and she contacted several people. TJ was the one who responded, but she A complete abuse of a position of trust.

TJ Holmes marries Mariel Feibig.
Holmes has been married to Mariel Feibig since 2010. Their divorce is pending.
TJ Holmes/Facebook

Holmes has not responded to the allegations.

Meanwhile, the ABC has launched an investigation into the scandal that is still ongoing.

Robach and Holmes have been pulled from the air at this point and their futures at the network are unknown.

“They’re not over yet, but I don’t expect TJ to start again,” an insider told Page Six last week, noting that both sides became attorneys during the negotiations.

Amy Robach and TJ Holmes "GMA3" An anchor table.

Robach and Holmes co-hosted “GMA3.”

Amy Robach and TJ Holmes "GMA3" An anchor table.

They are reportedly still dating.


“They want Amy to stay and be a part of things there, but probably not in ‘GMA3’.”

Amid the backlash, Holmes and Robach also separated from their husbands, Feibig and Andrew Shaw.


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