Bethesda Softworks and Tango Gameworks announce rhythm action game Hi-Fi RUSH for Xbox Series, PC; now available

Publisher Bethesda Softworks and developer Tango Gameworks announce rhythm action game High fidelity RUSH Available for Xbox Series and PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, Microsoft Store). It’s available now for $29.99 and is also available through Xbox Game Pass.

Get the details below.


High fidelity RUSH is a single-player rhythm action game from Tango Gameworks, the award-winning studio behind Ghost Wire: Tokyo and inner demon. exist High fidelity RUSH, the whole world moves to the beat. Everything from the swaying trees in the environment to the automatic syncing of combat to every hit of the game’s music is beautifully animated.

Players take on the role of Chai, a free-spirited slacker with rock star ambitions. In the process of receiving the technology of the robotic arm, he discovers an unexpected “bonus” when his music player is fused into his power unit. And if that wasn’t enough, the company behind the experiment would label him a “flaw,” making him a target for deactivation. Pursued by a team of corporate overlords and an army of droids, Chai must defend himself through rhythmic combat and the help of a motley assortment of allies, take down the corporation’s ruthless business leader and escape.

main features

  • Always in sync gameplay – Every element in the world High fidelity RUSH Synchronized with the game’s soundtrack. The battle sequences are perfectly timed to the beat of the music, making the gameplay not only exhilarating, but deeply satisfying. High fidelity RUSH is a rhythm action game with an emphasis on action. The player’s movements are not dictated by the music like in traditional rhythm games – the player has the freedom of a full action game, but inputting actions to the beat will amplify the player’s attacks along with the music.
  • full of personalityHigh fidelity RUSH Featuring a cast of outrageous characters, each with their own unique personality and skills, help Chai take down the bad guys and raise the playful tone of the game. High fidelity RUSH Unlike anything Tango Gameworks has created before, it offers a fun and light-hearted gaming experience for everyone.
  • addictive musicHigh fidelity RUSH Showcasing an energetic and catchy soundtrack of licensed songs, from famous rock artists to some inspired clips, keeps players engaged and excited while playing the game.Both licensed and original music are on High fidelity RUSH Offering more than just background music, each track matches the tempo of the level’s characters, environments, platforms, and combat.
  • dynamic visual effects – From cute animated gags to refreshing comic book effects, High fidelity RUSH Lively and fun. High fidelity RUSHNot only does the visual style appeal to a wide variety of audiences – it’s also easy on gamers’ hardware, and doesn’t require expensive graphics cards to look lifelike and stunning on Xbox or PC.
  • streamer mode – For those who wish to stream live High fidelity RUSH or publish gameplay online, High fidelity RUSH Offers a streamer mode that replaces the game’s licensed tracks with original songs. This model should enable streamers and content creators to stream and publish their gameplay with low risk of claims, takedowns, and muting. This option is toggled in the game settings. Please note – even if players take these actions, due to forces beyond our control, there is no guarantee that outside parties or software will not interfere with posted content. However, using the Streamer pattern is designed to reduce the likelihood of this happening.

licensed track (not featured in streamer mode)

  1. Nine Inch Nails – “One Million”
  2. Nine Inch Nails – “The Perfect Medicine”
  3. Black Keys – “Lonely Boy”
  4. Prodigy – “The Aggressor Must Die”
  5. Awesome Delight – “Hurrah”
  6. Number Girl – “Inazawa Chainsaw” /li>
  7. Wolfgang Gartner – “Wolfgang’s Fifth Symphony”
  8. Zwan – “Honestly”

Deluxe Edition

contained in High fidelity RUSH Deluxe Edition:

  • High fidelity RUSH (base game)
  • Two sets of firewood*
  • Seven bonus Chai T-shirts
  • 808 Theme Guitar Skin
  • 808 Alternate Skin
  • The Gears Starter Pack contains 20,000 Gears to unlock combat abilities and other upgrades. (Note: Gear is obtained through in-game combat and exploration and cannot be obtained as a purchasable currency.)

*Each Chai outfit includes a hairstyle, scarf, jacket, pants and shoes that can be mixed and matched with t-shirts and guitar skins.

NOTE: Gear is available immediately after purchase. Players can use other items after clearing the first stage, and can change clothes in the hideout.

Watch a set of trailers below. View a collection of screenshots in the gallery.

release trailer

game deep dive trailer


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