Brian Walshe, Husband of Missing Ana Walshe, Has Past Allegations Against Him – NBC Boston

NBC10 Boston investigators are learning more about missing mother Ana Walshe of Cohasset, Mass., and her husband, Brian Walshe, who is now charged with obstructing The investigation into her disappearance.

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A disturbing history of internet searches related to the murder was found on Walshe’s electronic device, a source connected to the investigation said. New details of the case emerged during his arraignment on Monday, with prosecutors saying investigators found blood and a bloody knife in the basement of the Walshe home.

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Meanwhile, the search for Ana Walshe continues. The 39-year-old has not been seen since New Year’s Day.

Anyone with information on Walshe’s whereabouts should contact detectives at 781-830-4990.

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Court records paint a picture of a man who got into an argument with his father over money — and a man accused of cheating in the past. He was convicted in a case involving the sale of counterfeit art online.

Brian Walshe is already on probation and home confinement, wearing a monitoring bracelet, awaiting sentencing in a federal case involving the sale of a fake Andy Warhol on eBay in 2016 paintings.

Brian Walshe has been charged with misleading police in their investigation into the disappearance of his wife Ana.

In a letter to the judge in the case, his wife, Ana Walshe, said she met Brian in 2008 and it was “love at first sight.” The couple married in 2015 and have three children. She spoke of his kindness and described him as a nurturing and loving father, but also said he was deeply influenced by his childhood and claimed he was taught to lie and hide. She wrote that he regretted his past actions and that he had been focusing on charity work and changing his life.

At a hearing in the case last summer, Brian Walsh’s attorneys told the court that Anna, who works in Washington, D.C., had moved out of the jurisdiction, leaving Brian to care for their children. But police said the mother-of-three was recently at her home in Cohasset. She was last seen on New Year’s Day. “A risky optimism,” she wrote in a New Year’s Eve Instagram post.

The husband of a missing Cohasset woman appeared in court on Monday as prosecutors revealed new details of the investigation into her disappearance.

Brian Walshe was also involved in a probate case involving his father’s home in Hull, Massachusetts, and a will that was lost after his death. According to court records, Walshe’s cousin claimed he was the executor and that Walshe was deliberately excluded from the will after a “serious argument” with his father and his run away with a large sum of his money.

Brian Walshe pleaded guilty to three charges in the Art case, including wire fraud. He was awaiting sentencing and probation when his wife disappeared.

Ana Walshe has not heard from her for eight days. On Monday, NBC10 Boston was able to get in touch with her sister in Serbia. The family said they were figuring out a way to get back here, and their biggest fears were for the couple’s three children, whose mother is missing and whose father is in prison.

The judge set Walshe’s bail at $500,000 in cash. His only current charge in the current investigation is misleading police.


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