Brie Larson Falls for a Twitter Hoax, but the Internet Never Forgets

To say Twitter is a lawless place of misinformation that spreads rapidly with little oversight would be the understatement of the century, and we can now add the Academy Award winner and stalwart of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Brie Larson to the long list of names that have fallen for viral hoaxes.

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Busy Hollywood superstars are understandably not keeping abreast of the latest fashion trends and memes, but those who just love to laugh at everything the 32-year-old does shine a light on her brief misstep, see larson reaching out Wednesday star Jenna Ortega and invited her to join the host’s YouTube show for some dance lessons.

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This might seem innocuous in the microcosm, but if you search “Jenna Ortega reveals in a new interview” on Twitter, you’ll see all kinds of weird, wild, and wonderful avatars social media users make up for their own benefit.

Of course, netizens have strong memories and can screenshot almost anything, so it’s impossible for Larson’s gaffe not to be exposed. In the Musk era, people do worse, so the prospect of an MCU superhero getting excited about 100% wrong voices hardly matters in the grand scheme of things, unless we’re talking about someone’s more obnoxious subsection Online The Field likes to squander any opportunity they get.

Unfortunately, for reasons we simply don’t have time to explain, Larson does fit the bill, but we suspect she’ll be embarrassed by the misplaced excitement.


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