Cold War crossover event will erupt this April

First teased at last year’s New York Comic Con, Marvel has now officially announced that the tension between Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson will boil over this April with the release of Captain America: The Cold Wara new crossover event between Captain America: The Guardian of Liberty and Captain America: Symbol of Truth.

Described as an “espionage-fueled action thriller”, the event will launch in April and promises to make the two Caps question everything they believe in – and each other. this is how Captain America: The Cold War will be played in April, with details on subsequent chapters to follow in due course…

Don’t miss CAPTAIN AMERICA: SENTINEL OF LIBERTY #11, an exciting prelude issue to the COLD WAR! Captain America and the new invaders may be freed from MODOC’s mind control, but their lives are still not guaranteed. With the battle all but won, the Outer Circle arrived on earth to claim their prize. It’s up to Steve Rogers to wrest victory from the Force and finally end the Outer Circle’s invasion of Manhattan—but the choices made at this critical moment will forever change Steve’s understanding of friendship and the stakes in his battle against the Outer Circle.

Kelly, Lanzing, and Onibuchi then team up with artist Carlos Magno to start the revolution in CAPTAIN AMERICA: COLD WAR ALPHA #1! Bucky Barnes is the New Revolution of the Outer Circle, and he’s made his deadliest move yet – an alliance with Sam Wilson’s nemesis, the White Wolf. When Steve Rogers’ adopted son Ian, aka Nomad, is kidnapped by someone Steve thinks is a friend, he suspects Bucky is at work and calls in the people who know Ian best – Sam Wilson, Sharon Carter and Misty Knight – help him get to the bottom of the attack. Has Bucky finally gone too far? Why is Nomad captured and what does this have to do with a portal to Dimension Z opening over a secret battlefield in Alaska?

In CAPTAIN AMERICA: SYMBOL OF TRUTH #12, part two of the COLD WAR, White Wolf uses the power given to him by Bucky Barnes to take control of Dimension Z and unleash its creatures on Captain America. Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers are ready to fight their way through the attack, but the Outer Circle has more at stake in this battle than our heroes realize. Can Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers agree on their priorities before they run into this new threat? And what exactly does Bucky Barnes intend to do with Ian Rogers?

Captain America: The Cold War will break out this April.


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