Elizabeth Hurley talks about working with Matthew Perry

Truly a dish that is best served chilled.

Elizabeth Hurley, 57, is the latest of several A-listers to speak out about Perry, 53, following the release of his memoir, “Friends, Lovers and the Biggest Scary Thing,” which chronicles his career. , full of relationships and personal stories. the life

The British actress, who starred with Perry in 2002’s “Surviving Sarah,” has only read excerpts of Perry’s book even though she witnessed his addiction firsthand.

“I haven’t read the book yet, but I have [excerpts] Of this, the “Royals” star revealed to Yahoo.

“It’s very exciting,” added Hurley. “He’s a very funny writer like he’s a very funny person. He’s an incredibly talented comedian … his way with words is amazing.

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Elizabeth Hurley and Matthew Perry starred in the 2002 romantic comedy "Serving Sarah."
Elizabeth Hurley and Matthew Perry starred in the 2002 romantic comedy ‘Surviving Sarah’.
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The model said, “I have very fond memories of him. To be honest, it was a dream to work with him at that time and as it is known now, our film was stopped because of his addiction. and

Hurley was referring to the filming of “Serving Sarah,” in which Perry plays a process server tasked with serving Hurley’s character’s divorce papers.

Matthew Perry and Elizabeth Hurley Duran "Serving Sarah" Premiere at the Academy Theater in Beverly Hills, California, USA.  (Photo by Greg DeGuire/WireImage)
Perry and Hurley at the premiere of “Surviving Sarah” at the Academy Theater in Beverly Hills in 2002.
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“We were in power mode and all had to sit at home for a while twiddling our thumbs,” she said.

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Hurley continued: “It was tough, obviously he had a tough time, but he was still very charming and a lovely person to work with. But you could see he was suffering for sure.”

Perry described drug addiction in his memoir and opened up about his journey to sobriety.

The Canadian native is perhaps best known for his role as Chandler Bang on the NBC sitcom “Friends,” which he starred in from 1994 to 2004.

Matthew Perry book cover.
Perry’s memoir “Friends, Lovers and the Biggest Scary Thing” is available now.

He filmed “Surviving Sarah” during his stint on the hit show while he was at the height of his addiction.

The “17 Again” star told Diane Sawyer in a bombshell-all interview that aired late last month, revealing that she was downing Xanax, methadone and a quart of vodka every day during that period.

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“It was shot in Dallas and I was doing ‘Friends’ at the same time, so it doubled my workload. And I was drinking vodka out of a water bottle on a private jet,” he said.

“I was 155 pounds, got down to 128 pounds on the way. I’m so sorry for that guy, he’s going through a lot, and that’s me,” Perry said. “And I remember that, and I don’t know what’s going on.

“But again, I’m sorry, and I’m so grateful that it won’t happen again.”


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