Here’s how WNC’s members of Congress voted the week of Dec. 9-15

WASHINGTON – Here’s how congressional districts voted last week.

House vote

Madison Cawthorne

House Vote 1: West Salt Lake City: The House of Representatives passed the Great Basin State Salt Lake Ecosystem Plan Act (S. 1466), sponsored by Senator Jeff Merkley (D-Oregon), to require the US Geological Survey to study the salt lake ecosystems in the Great Basin region of the western United States. Supporters of California Rep. Jay Obernolte said, “This bill will inform and support coordinated federal, state and local management and conservation efforts to keep these ecosystems, migratory birds and others Wildlife benefits.” The Dec. 12 vote was 356 in favor to 56 against. yes: Cawthorn R-NC (No. 11).

House Vote 2: Quantum Computing Security: The House of Representatives has approved a Senate amendment to the Quantum Computing Cybersecurity Readiness Act (HR 7535), sponsored by California Rep. Ro Khanna, requiring federal agencies to prepare encryption capabilities for information technology systems to withstand future quantum computing technologies . The December 13 vote was 420 in favor to 3 against. yes: Cawthorne R-NC (No. 11)


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