Jordan Spieth enters LIV Golf joke chat

Jordan Spieth tees off Thursday at the 17th hole at Waialae Country Club.

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Jordan Spieth, after a question about RVs, joked at LIV Golf.

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And 2023 hasn’t lost a step on the subject.

In retrospect, Spieth mostly stayed in contention. In early July, he social media channels were shared A post that he is rumored to have been in talks with LIV, the new Saudi-backed series that begins its second season next month, and that he has backed the PGA Tour, the series he has played professionally in for more than a decade. The next day, after the third round of the Scottish Open, Spieth repeated himself. And that’s about it.

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But then reporters asked about his RV, his new vehicle this season.

Jordan Spieth

‘How am I holding this together?’ Jordan Spieth is brutally honest in the past


Nick Piastowski

It all started on Tuesday, at Spieth’s pre-Sony Open press conference, when he confirmed where he will be next month at the Waste Management Phoenix Open, which will be played the same weekend as the Super Bowl. On Thursday, after the first round at Sony where Spieth shot a six-under 64, he shared more about his home, his wife Annie and 1-year-old son Sammy.

“Just brilliant, you know,” Spieth said. “Shit. It should be fun. Cause it’s kind of a house down the road. I’ve got the same mattress that I have at home, and I’m going to leave a lot of Sammy’s stuff on the bus, so I won’t have a lot of packing.” and more riding between events than swinging on the West Coast – and especially swinging in Florida. They should make traveling and setting up easier.

“Yeah, wait. I was already in there.”

The CJ Cup last fall?

“That’s right.”

What are the dimensions?

“I don’t know the size,” Spieth told a reporter. “Yeah, and if I do, I don’t think I’ll tell you. That’s like giving you a tour of my house, I guess.”

Are you still driving?

“I didn’t drive. I plan on driving it on the open road sometime when it’s not out of Phoenix and into LA, but maybe switch and do like an hour just because it would be fun. “

Jordan Spieth

Jordan Spieth, in a revealing interview, dishes on miraculous shots and LIV delivery


Nick Piastowski

Who is driving?

“We have a driver, yes, a man who made it for other men.”

Has anyone encouraged you to buy it?

“We tried one, and the Harding Park PGA, so we tried it there. Annie wanted one for a while. I really didn’t want one before Sammy, like knowing he was going to sleep all night and schedule and all that, because of the proximity to the rental property.

“So she wanted one for a while, and it was just a matter of if the right one came along at the right time, and she did last fall.”

Why did he have to be perfect?

“Like one – I mean, it’s not a small purchase, so one that we really like, the style that doesn’t need a lot of maintenance, that we have the right condition of the driver, the right position. The way they are built together They are different, so it just needs to be the right rig.”

Spieth, however, was also asked about her staying power.

And he had a relationship with LIV.

And here’s how you combine RV and PGA tour danger.

“I was there myself [at the CJ Cup] so I had a lot of room and we haven’t moved yet,” he said. We just entered. Yes, it will be interesting. There are a number of – at one point, I think there were a dozen boys, four of them went to LIV and sold theirs because they didn’t have all the moves. It is difficult to go to Saudi Arabia in Chicago for two weeks in an RV.

“I think that has a lot to do with it. But I don’t know.”

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