Overwatch Drags Ramattra Into Its Sinful Obsession With Feet

Ramattra's Human Feet Glow With Text: Gameplay, Overwatch's Foot Fetish

suffer like we do.
picture: Blizzard Entertainment/Kotaku

Overwatch 2 newest hero, la matera, is an omnic robot that mostly defies traditional notions of human form and shape.But someone at Blizzard thinks his new skin doesn’t have to be the case for the game event inspired by greek mythologythey gave others feet.

Ramattra’s skin is based on the Greek god of the sea, Poseidon. It comes with a trident emote, tentacles growing from his back when he transforms into his tank Nemesis form, and two sets of five little piggies courtesy of his new human feet.Blizzard, apparently not content with making it an unfortunate piece of knowledge we all have and can forget unless we actively play Overwatch 2, posted close-ups of problem feet and asked us to “discuss” them. So, here we are.

The weird thing is, Overwatch There’s a weird, ongoing fascination with feet, both within the game and within its community, and people are quick to remind the people who run the game’s social media about it in the comments.One response includes a graph of all hero feet Overwatch already displayed (although it possible Needs some updating as this is the original game, not a sequel).

Another notorious example Overwatch A user named Tyrone went into a rage, and he spent a lot of time on the game forum Requires emotes, highlight intros, and skins that expose some characters’ feet — nonetheless no one knows what happened to them. Hope nothing happens and Tyrone is fine.

Still, while several characters throughout history have gone barefoot when running towards payloads, Sigma is the one to add to the Overwatch’s The roster before moving on to the sequel, is perhaps the most notorious for letting the dog breathe, as it’s been pretty much a constant for his character. Originally, the levitating, stone-throwing scientist left the shoes at home as part of a plan. Questionable Design Choices Intended to represent how patients in mental institutions often don’t wear shoes to mitigate self-harm from shoelaces.In the years since, and Overwatch 2 Completely refreshed for its character interactions, Sigma’s bare feet have been the butt of several jokes, such as Widowmaker say someone should buy him a pair of shoes After killing.

so Overwatch Its community’s fetish for feet continues till 2023 and now they drag Ramattra into these sinful ways. He is an innocent robot. He shouldn’t be like this. As he says in the game, don’t we suffer enough?


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