Russian Propagandists Make Desperate Pleas Over Ukraine War Failures on State TV

Russia’s ill-conceived invasion of Ukraine has so far failed to achieve the goals set by Russian President Vladimir Putin, and his top propagandists are trying to hide their growing fears.

On Monday, RT head Margarita Simonyan appeared Evening with Vladimir Solovyov And he acknowledged that the Kremlin’s cooperation elite was concerned about the prospect of a war crimes trial. After brazenly claiming that neither the Russian leadership nor its fellow propagandists in the studio ever wanted to carry out attacks against Ukraine’s critical infrastructure, Simonyan said, “I am amazed at our people – And unfortunately I know a lot of them – including those in high circles. Those who are afraid of it and are afraid to call things by their proper names because that’s what people there think.

Simonian insisted: “We can beat what they think there! People who are afraid of the Hague – listen, you should be afraid of losing, afraid of humiliation and betrayal of your people. Do. Let me tell you that if we lose, the hog—whether real or imaginary—will come even for the street sweeper who cleans the cobblestones behind the Kremlin.

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In her speech, Simonyan contradicted her previous claim that Russian forces did not want to bomb civilian infrastructure and speculated that another district of Kiev would be left in the dark, as future war crimes trials, or “disasters,” would don’t change If Russia loses its war against Ukraine, it will suffer.

Host Vladimir Solovyov immediately returned to his old and tired routine of threatening a nuclear attack if things didn’t go Russia’s way: “If that happens, there will be no Hague, nothing. The whole world will be in ruins.” fall in.”

During Wednesday’s broadcast 60 minutesHost Olga Skabeva faced the same issue. “God forbid, we cannot allow it, and we cannot even say it aloud, but suppose something suddenly happens and our country is unable to achieve victory: then we must proceed from the premise that Everyone will be accounted for without exception. – whether they are located in the Russian Federation or abroad. Foreigners will most likely be arrested immediately. Whether he is an associate of Putin’s regime or just passing through, it does not matter. We will all To be considered guilty. What is at stake is not only the existence of the country, but also the indifferent existence of every citizen of the Russian Federation – our future is on the line.

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Scabifa added: “In order to prevent the Hague trials, the initiation of criminal cases, compensation, reparations – to avoid all of this, we need the full intensity of military measures, we must press them so hard and pressure. Bring them closer to him. We talk about a ceasefire or a peace process… otherwise, they will insist on surrender.

During the last broadcast Sunday evening with Vladimir SolovyovMargarita Simonyan took a different approach and offered a new direction: to protect Russia’s already fragmented image as a military superpower, the supply problems of equipment, weapons and ammunition should not be discussed behind closed doors. on air. She bluntly confirmed that these issues are systemic and serious and urged the government to take serious measures to secure funds for the troops.

Simonian described those who were not motivated to serve on the front lines as people who did not do their duty to their country. “How can we sleep while knowing that we do not share and do not participate?” she asked. “Rich people need to protect themselves and remember that we cannot continue to live the way we have been living since the fall of the Soviet Union. We need to create social equality.” The head of RT urged the rich to refrain from buying Chanel purses and “adopt” them to dozens or hundreds of needy families who could provide them.

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Describing herself as a good person, Simonian said she had a hard time finding people who refused to share their wealth, many of whom she knew personally. “I call you, citizens: you must share!” she asked.

Never daring to question why the country’s extraordinary military budget has been fixed for Russia’s wartime needs – while Putin’s circle has no shortage of local facilities or ships – Simonian notes that invading troops have killed civilians. Help is funded. Arguing that this was insufficient, she called for an “involuntary vaccination of conscience,” adding, “Raise taxes on the rich and well-off. What’s there to fear? Raise taxes!”


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