Tired of tea-bags? This kitchen gadget prepares Luxury Full-Leaf Tea in just 90 seconds

Ninety seconds… more like nine seconds of tea!

As a tea lover, I’ve always felt that coffee is always in the limelight. Starbucks has no “tea equivalent”, the alternative to instant coffee is tea bags, which taste terrible…even Keurig and Nespresso haven’t figured out how to automate the brewing process to perfection. However, Affinitea Brewing Systems hopes to at least fill that gap. The Affinitea Brewing System is designed as an elegant tabletop unit that expertly brews a fresh cup of luxurious loose-leaf tea in as little as 90 seconds. Clearview’s reusable chamber takes care of stirring, pressurizing and steeping the tea brew, which is then filtered and dispensed directly into your cup. The patented chamber uses pressure + agitation to perfectly handle the steeping cycle, creating a beer with less tannins (chemicals that create a bitter aftertaste) while extracting maximum flavor.

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Designer: Anthony Priley & Robert Schwartz

Click here to buy it now: $179 $340 (47% off). Hurry, only 6/15 left!

Whole Leaf Tea – The larger the leaf, the higher quality the tea. Affinitea is specially designed to steep premium whole leaf tea in seconds.

The Affinitea is a clever tabletop appliance, not too different from a Nespresso or a Keurig…but it’s designed to brew a superb cup of tea in less than 90 seconds. The water chamber on the left holds 2 liters of fresh water for the Affinitea, and the simple control panel on the right lets you choose temperature, strength and cup size so you can brew a drink that tastes consistent every time. The LCD screen just above the control panel allows you to view and confirm your selection, and once you load the leaves into the Affinitea and tell it to start brewing, the machine lets you see the whole process unfold before your eyes thanks to its clearview Brewing Room, let you see the magic!

STEP 1 – Open the serving pack and pour the contents into the Clear-View reusable brew chamber.

Step 2 – Select consistency setting and start brewing.

Step 3 – Enjoy a delicious hot or iced ready-to-drink beverage.

Where Affinitea really gets it right (in order to deliver its luxurious tasting end product) is that it uses whole leaf tea rather than the kind you’d find in a tea bag. The longer leaves help retain more flavor and nuance, unlike the tiny grains or tea powder in tea bags. The Affinitea Brewing System comes with its own subscription service, allowing you to choose from a variety of different tea and herb blends. With your subscription, you get 50 pre-measured servings of exotic blends in 4 different varieties each month, paired with new seasonal blends and recipes. You can choose to brew your tea hot or cold, and Affinitea even allows you to use your own tea leaves or tea bags to make the tea – although tea lovers and experts highly recommend their whole leaf tea blends! Pricing for the Affinitea Brewing System starts at $179 for Kickstarter backers, paired with a 3-month subscription to the Exotic Luxury Teas Program. Go ahead and subscribe for only $20 per month and enjoy this exotic luxury tea plan for only $0.40 per cup. Now it’s a holiday in a mug!

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Click here to buy it now: $179 $340 (47% off). Hurry, only 6/15 left!


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