Xbox becomes first ‘carbon aware’ console, but not everyone is happy: ‘Woke brigade is after video games’

Modern Xbox consoles will soon have a new default setting for regulating the power usage of video game systems to help the environment.

“Xbox is working hard to reduce our environmental impact to help us achieve Microsoft’s goal of becoming a carbon-negative, water-positive and zero-waste company by 2030 by rethinking how we design, build, distribute and use our products. company,” said Xbox Wire from Microsoft in a press release.

Xbox says they’re focusing on carbon emissions in “fan homes.” According to the press release, “We are not only responsible for the carbon emissions during the production and distribution of our products, but also for the emissions generated when our products are used in fans’ homes.”

The press release notes that the console will become “carbon conscious” through a software update. “Being carbon aware means reducing your carbon footprint by optimizing updates and downloads to run when the console can use the most renewable energy,” Xbox explained.

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The same announcement says new energy-saving features are being applied automatically.

“Starting today, Xbox Insiders will notice that their Xbox Series X|S consoles are automatically updated to the Off (conserve) power option,” Xbox Wire wrote. “This one-time update to your power settings will reduce your power consumption while your console is off, and will not affect performance, gameplay, or your console’s ability to receive system, game, or application nightly updates .”

The press release also says, “Xbox One consoles will experience slower boot times when you choose to power off (power saving).”

Xbox implores users to be mindful of the environmental impact of “games,” saying, “We cannot do this alone. If we are to help reduce the environmental impact of games, we must work with our players, developers, studios and the industry at large.” environmental impact.”

Microsoft headquarters campus in Redmond. Microsoft is one of the world's largest computer software, hardware and video game companies, but has been involved in some high-profile messaging and political initiatives in recent years.

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Some Twitter users lashed out at the news of the technological change.

“The decision was likely made on one of the company’s private jets,” said video producer and podcaster Lauren Chen.

Sen. Ted Cruz, Republican of Texas, tweeted, “First the gas stove, then your coffee, now they’re shooting your Xbox.”

“Haha now the waking brigade is chasing video games in the name of climate change,” the Young America Foundation tweeted.

“They want to take your gun. They want to take your gas stove. Now they want to take your Xbox. What’s next?” Rep. Troy Nehls, R-Texas, tweeted arts.

Conservative journalist John Ziegler also commented on the announcement, “Is this finally making some young people aware of #ClimateScam’s negative impact on the real world?! Or, on the other hand, could this be the most culturally productive thing ever ? Under the guise of a so-called #ClimateEmergency?!”

Master Chief, the protagonist of this work "halo" Xbox Series X - The Series in the 2019 World Premiere Trailer. "halo" The franchise is one of the main intellectual properties associated with the Xbox brand, even if it's not its flagship product.

Master Chief, Xbox Series X – The protagonist of the “Halo” series in the 2019 world premiere trailer. The “Halo” series is one of the main intellectual properties associated with the Xbox brand, if not its flagship product.

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Commentator Rick DeVos slammed the announcement as part of a technological slippery slope, saying, “It’s just another little marker on the slide we’re shrinking, where every feature, experience, and general service level The fall is celebrated as a great and glorious victory for the planet/justice/ETC.”

Chris Buskirk, editor and publisher of American Greatness, replied: “You won’t have anything, but you’ll love it.” Deciding what to do with my so-called ‘free time’ gives me anxiety, but now that MSFT has the OpenAI arrangement I don’t have to worry about my day.’”


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